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Why uni isn’t working right now

Why uni isn’t working right now

I have FOMO. Like grade A, severe as it can get, wasting data watching other people’s snapstories Fear Of Missing Out.

On the one hand, if I didn’t I probably wouldn’t have had half of the incredible experiences I have been lucky enough to have in my life.

On the other, it means I’m constantly short on cash, I care too much about what everyone else is thinking of me and I overcommit.

The most heartbreaking thing about choosing (and sticking to) a uni degree was saying goodbye to the endless possibilities that could have filled the next five years of my life.

Don’t get me wrong – I love uni. I love studying (nerd) and my social life here and even the five jobs I work to keep me busy in between. (See what I mean about overcommitting?)

It’s just when something else, or even the slim possibility of something else comes up I am immediately invested in this new life that Beth-in-a-parallel-universe could be living.

Case and point: I recently applied for an internship with Hostelworld. In London. Starting in two weeks. I don’t think I’ve ever wanted anything more in my entire life. I check my emails approximately 20 times a day. Literally, it feels like my heart is about to burst just thinking about it.

Only problem is that I am 20, living in Australia, and am competing against literally everyone else in the entire world who speaks English, has a degree and loves travelling. Translation: LOTS OF COMPETITION.

Even though I’ve applied for a totally unachievable job, I’ve been putting off doing my readings for uni, or sitting down to plan my essays. Why? Because I’ve totally convinced myself that I don’t need to because I’m dropping out of uni to go to London for an internship I will not get.

It’s so logical.

SIDE NOTE FOR HOSTELWORLD: If you’re reading this, hire me.
I am passionate and dedicated and please read my resume.
Back to the blog.

Basically, I can’t decide on stuff and it makes me emotional and confused. You should see me in Coles without a shopping list – I swear I could spend hours in there if left unsupervised.

Shoutout to everyone else in a  second year slump like me! We can get through this together. My remedy at the moment is lots of sushi, procrastinating until I have nothing else to do but study and planning an exchange year so I can get a travel fix in before I go stir crazy. Happy days.

Angsty blog post over, I need to actually go and write some essays now. Back to fun travel/food stories next week though!