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Things to do in Canberra

Things to do in Canberra

02.10.2020 – 04.10.2020

Early last month, I made the most of the long weekend and the fact that COVID restrictions had lifted just enough, and escaped Sydney for the white pavement and green hills of Canberra. Contrary to its stereotype, Canberra is far from boring. There might not be a whole lot to entertain yourself while you’re shipped out there on year 6 camp to learn about politics, but revisiting our capital city made me realise there’s more to it than Questacon.

I spent the long weekend watching Han compete with Bellboy, bouldering with Ange, christening my gravel bike on the dirt around the arboretum, and hanging out with Charlie and Hector (both dogs are featured heavily in the video). I hadn’t realised until I left how much I needed a break from the rush of Sydney, and to be surrounded by clean air and red-grey grass.

Here’s a little video I put together, and some of my favourite photos from the trip. Enjoy! x


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