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The Overland in Photos

The Overland in Photos

Photo Diary 06.12.19 – 11.12.19

This month, Alice and I embarked upon a trek from Cradle Mountain to Lake St Clair in Tasmania. We planned to trade bushfire smoke for crisp mountain air, abandoning Sydney stress for six days of nothing but walking. Despite being confronted with some pretty extreme weather conditions, which left us trudging through waist deep snow and battling 50km/hr winds over the first two days, we ended up having a pretty great time. Unfortunately, frozen fingers and tired limbs prevented me from digging my camera out of my backpack for the first forty eight hours. However, I’m pretty stoked with how the rest of my pictures turned out.

A full recap will be available of our trip right here (as well as a little film I made as well), so please head over and check it out if you’re interested in hearing details or seeing a series of pretty embarrassing wilderness dance moves.



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