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The Coast Track Solo

The Coast Track Solo

Back in July I decided to get out of Sydney for the day and make the most of my weekend by tackling the 27km Coast Track in the Royal National Park solo. I have always been somewhat apprehensive about hiking solo, as previous experience has made me aware of just how quickly you can find the silence overwhelming and lonely. BUT this was a new day, I had done the track before and I was desperate to spend quality time outdoors since starting a 9-5 office job (I know, who have I turned in to?).

The result was this: an early morning, all the space I could want in the world and the most beautiful weather for a city that is apparently still in the middle of winter. I was soon very grateful for the 5.30am alarm I had set that morning, as it bought me valuable time and space on a track that soon became crowded once the rest of Sydney woke up and realised it was going to be a nice day. Taking time to return to my centre, breathe fresh air and get weird looks from the occasional trail runner as I stopped to take photos of tiny flowers made me so very happy.

I returned to Sydney sweaty, my shoes filled with sand and my belly with a victory ice cream (a must if you are hiking with me). I haven’t had the chance until this weekend to properly sit down and edit the photos and footage I took along the way, but below is the result.

Enjoy! x











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