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Spring at Camperdown Commons

Spring at Camperdown Commons

Photo Diary 02.09.2017

My advice for Camperdown Commons? Get there as early as you can so you can enjoy the sun before the weekend crowd sets in. Tucked in between terrace houses, the Commons are my new favourite place to breakfast on the weekend. This place functions as a restaurant and cafe serving sustainability-focused food, an urban farm and a centre for workshops from yoga classes to beekeeping. My favourite part had to be the factory rescued chooks, who kept us company while we ate!

As for the food: 10/10 would recommend their amazing cultured yoghurt bowl, topped with poached rhubarb, toasted coconut and ginger nut crumble. I’m definitely going to have to make a return trip to check out the rest of their awesome menu, which serves up anything from croissants topped with ricotta and roasted mushrooms, to banana bread with their spiced cherry butter.

How good.