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Roma in Photos

Roma in Photos

Photo Diary 10.05.2018 – 14.05.2018

The last time I was in Rome was two years ago as part of a 32 day bus tour. Somewhat hungover, our group was shepherded around the sights (and crowds) of Rome in 40 degree heat for four hours before returning to our campground just outside the city. It’s probably not surprising that I wasn’t immediately taken with Rome, and when the opportunity came up to meet my mum there for a few days while she was in Europe, it was more for her than out of a love for the city itself.

It’s safe to say that my opinion has definitely changed. Claire and I spent four blissful days wandering around streets that were painted in rusty reds, pinks and yellows and decked out in greenery, gazing at art that was too old to comprehend and admiring monuments in white marble. From the first skyline view to the last gelato, Rome has completely taken my heart. We wandered the Trastevere district, had cocktails in a brightly coloured square, listened to a double bassist perform down a quiet street and braved the crowds at the Vatican.

My recommendations? Spend as little time as possible in the crowds at the Colosseum and the Trevi Fountain, book the Vatican tour online so that you can skip the insane queues and get ice cream every day at Giolitti. It might be a rush inside to get to the counter but the gelato is so out of this world good its worth it. Also walk everywhere! The only time we got on a Metro was to travel to the Tivoli Gardens, about an hour by train outside of Rome. Whether it was 10 minutes to the Spanish Steps or an hour and a half to the Villa Doria Pamphili, walking around Rome was the highlight of my trip.

For full details of our four days in Rome, check out my weekly post. Thanks to my mum for letting Claire and I crash at her Airbnb and shouting us several tipsy dinners, Claire for always being up for anything (even if I do fall asleep everywhere) and Rome for being so stunning.