A broke girl with a bucket list



What I’m leaving behind in 2018 (and what I’m taking with me)

Seeing as everyone gives their opinions on New Years Resolutions around this time of year, I thought it was only appropriate that I write mine. A month away from this blog has theoretically given me a lot of time to get my life in order, but not surprisingly things have been more hectic than ever. Navigating between four different houses, summer school and catching up on a year’s worth of missed conversations, one thing has become clear: 2019 is not the year for half hearted resolutions. This year’s about finding things that’ll stick.

I’ve narrowed my ‘resolutions’ into four, considerably broad categories. Here goes:

1: Good Vibes Only

From the moment we moved into our new place in South Coogee, my two Basser siblings and I haven’t had to try hard to make it a calm, supportive and safe space. I’m so lucky to be able to live with people like Will and Lyn who make difficult decisions a breeze and are generally on the same wavelength. The three of us are determined to make the most of being only 8 minutes walk from Coogee Beach, and I have no doubt that our light-filled, airy unit (with what could possibly be the biggest garden I’ve ever seen on a student house) will be filled with friends throughout the year. On that point, 2019 is also about cultivating positive friendships and making the most of being in the same city once again as many of the people that I love.

2: Have Fun

I’m not going to lie, I spent about three years of my life believing that having 6 jobs was something to brag about, but now that I’ve learned to manage my money (more on that later) and actually taken a long, hard look at my mental health I realised that 6 jobs isn’t just ridiculous, it takes me away from things that bring the most joy to my life. This year’s all about making the most of Sydney, and the fact that my uni schedule and a remote job mean that I have endless free time. Instead of filling my schedule with work (turns out always being busy isn’t really the best thing if you’re prone to anxiety), this year I’m committing to learning more about the things I love. That means eating well, sleeping well and putting my mental and physical health first. Summer in Switzerland taught me that I’m at my happiest when I’m outdoors, so I’m filling 2019 with hikes, learning to climb and spending as much time as possible at the beach. No offence Europe, but your beaches suck.

3: Stick it Out

While resolution number two made it sound like I have a pretty breezy year lined up, I’m still locked into a full time degree and a job that keeps me on my toes. 2018 taught me that no matter where I am, I’m always going to be the kind of person that cares about uni, even if I’m on a pass/fail (nerd). With one more year to go, and the promise of some pretty cool adventures after I graduate, I think its important to head into 2019 mindful of the time and money I’ve dedicated towards my degree. And hey, I love learning! (nerd. again.) As UNSW has now embraced trimesters, (which I have long and very firm opinions on that we will not enter in to now) my course load this year has jumped significantly, especially considering the fact that I was studying below a full course load before I left on exchange. But this year’s about embracing challenge, knuckling down and remembering the end’s in sight!

4: Money Matters

And here’s the last one. Money has (and probably always will) inspired a lot of anxiety in the past, but there’s nothing like getting your head around budgeting when you’re living off €10 a week! Turns out my terrible attitude to money in 2018 meant I spent the last couple of months of the year identifying which aspects of my life drain money (impulsive grocery shopping hello) and which are investments. (Climbing. Travel. All the good stuff.) It’s not like I’m magically going to understand the stock market overnight, but I’m committing 2019 to learning how to manage my money, even if it means overcoming my pride to ask for some advice. If there’s one thing that 2018 taught me, its that I adore big investments like travel, but also that I have to put a bit of effort in making room in my budget for them if I want to make them happen. Here’s to saving (and spending!) a whole lot wiser.