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Prague in Photos

Prague in Photos

Photo Diary 16.12.2018 – 19.12.2018

Despite the fact that practically everyone I told I was going to Prague was immediately skeptical of an Aussie going from cold to even colder, the trip ended up being an absolute dream. Though it felt slightly unfair that we had to endure sub-zero with absolutely no snow in sight, Prague more than made up for it. It’s no wonder that the winding cobbled streets were packed with tourists, rugged up in winter layers and indulging in the many Christmas market stalls that were dotted around the Old Town.

From climbing the tower in Old Town Square to watch the festivities at dusk from above, to the views from the Castle in the foggy morning air, Prague was spectacular. Despite crossing the Charles Bridge countless times we never quite got used to the view of the blue and orange rooftops from the river. Highlights for me was reliving my 2015 European summer at the John Lennon wall, fresh Trdelník from the Christmas markets and ginger hot chocolates at the cutest coffee house nestled in the back streets.

My advice? Avoid the National Museum – we queued up for an hour in the cold to spend 20 minutes looking at a small range of exhibits. Also, expect to pay entry for literally everything. Spanish Synagogue? You can’t enter it without purchasing an entire tour package of the Jewish Quarter. As two travellers on a pretty severe budget, we were lucky that the weather let us wander around most days. The hike up to Petřín hill served as a pretty good free activity as well as a much-needed escape from the throngs of tourists that packed the narrow streets between the Astrological Clock and the entrance to Charles Bridge.

For more details on what we got up to during my last trip of exchange, check out my weekly post. Without further ado, here are my favourite photos from the trip.

Bisous xx