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Pindar Cave Camping

Pindar Cave Camping

Woy Woy to Wondabyne via Pindar Caves 17.10.20 – 18.10.20

Distance: 21.3km

Location: Brisbane Waters

Time: 2 days

What better way to christen Amanda’s new pack on her very first hike than with two days slogging up fire trails and a night spent in Pindar Caves? We met on the train heading up to Woy Woy station where we faced a 5km road walk to the start of the track. Once I had sweated out enough of my hangover, we hit the fire trails winding up to Mt Wondabyne for our first lookout of the day. Leaving the view behind us, we headed for our intended lunch spot at Kariong Brook Falls. After a swim and some food, it was back up another steep climb and the last leg of the day’s hike. We arrived at Pindar Caves sweaty, exhausted and ready for the cool change that had been promised overnight.

The appeal of Pindar Caves is that the rock creates a huge natural tent, which means you can sleep on a groundsheet in the open air. This sounded pretty great until about 2 in the morning, when a rat tried to crawl into my sleeping bag! Though it looked pretty cute as it scurried away, I wasn’t taking any chances and we pitched a tent just in case.

One very light sleep later and it was back on the road. The hike out the next morning was a pretty straightforward 5km to Wondabyne Station – a small platform perched above a jetty that you had to hail the oncoming train from. We arrived back in Sydney ready for a shower and a pub feed, but also relishing the Type 2 fun of the weekend.

Thanks to Daisy for her excellent navigating and planning (though maybe not when it came to making five litres of water last more than a day), and Amanda for being the most advanced hiker, despite it being her first overnight adventure.

For a video and some pictures (mostly of small flowers who were doing better in the heat than I was), see below.




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