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Oxford in Photos

Oxford in Photos

Photo Diary 31.10.2018 – 01.10.2018

When I spontaneously added one day in Oxford to my already-packed UK tour, it was less to reminisce on the place I’d lived for a year in 2015 and more as a halfway point to catch up with an old friend. The first thing I noticed was that next to nothing had changed. The streets were still the exact same, (sadly) down to the man and his two dogs asking for change outside Sainsbury’s. After we’d done a quick walk around, flying past Radcliffe Camera and Christchurch college, the cold drove us indoors at around 4pm, where we justified a drink by the fact that it was already beginning to get dark.

The highlight of Oxford, it turns out, wasn’t the city itself but the people with whom I spent time in it. First of all, thank you to Beth for letting us crash at her flat. Even though we only managed a few chats between your crazy work schedule, it was so lovely to catch up on everything. Secondly, to the unexpected addition Lara for the nostalgic evening we spent chatting about soccer and the north shore of Sydney. See you when I get back! And finally, thanks to Joe for adding another train journey on top of his commute from Copenhagen to hang out with me for a day. Here’s to friendships made over guinness in Ireland at 18 and fortified over too much wine at 21.

Anyway, here are the photos.

Bisous xx