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München in Photos

München in Photos

Photo Diary 21.09.2018 – 23.09.2018

When I booked spontaneous tickets to go to Oktoberfest, it didn’t cross my mind I’d be travelling around Munich as well. It’s true, most of our time was spent between the Stoke Travel campsite and the beer halls, but the in-between was spent escaping the crowds of cheap dirndls and dodgy looking lederhosen wandering around Munich itself.

From pastel coloured apartment blocks to impressive monuments, Munich is definitely pretty nice to look at. For me, what its streets lacked in character, the city made up for in efficient public transport, good food and the nicest park I’ve been in all year. After a month back in France, it was a relief to see real bacon and family favourites such as avo on toast back on most café menus, and we definitely spent the weekend indulging in what we’d all been missing.

The winner for me was of course the Englischer Garten, (English Garden) right in the middle of Munich. As someone who has no problem saying how little they hate big cities and/or crowds, the garden was a haven in the middle of the insanity of Oktoberfest. From river surfers to sunbathers, the Garden is an ideal people-watching spot. Despite its popularity, there’s enough space, and plenty of wandering paths, to make you feel like it isn’t a tourist destination at all.

For my opinions on Oktoberfest itself, check out my weekly post, but for now I’ll leave you with some hungover/bus-lagged snaps of Munich.

Bisous xx