A broke girl with a bucket list



Despite the fact that I spent the entire month on uni break, carving out time for myself seemed extraordinarily difficult in May. Don’t get me wrong, I adore the family I now nanny for, but suddenly picking up four afternoons of work a week made me grateful i didn’t have to study while I adjusted to my new schedule.

If I thought 2019 was passing by quickly, May jumped in to remind me just how fast time can fly. Writing this already almost halfway through June it feels like I blinked and missed it. That being said, I still managed to pack some good things in. Jess and I (often joined bt Mike and Tom) resumed our tradition of Monday night Game of Thrones. Having spent a (somewhat hellish) weekend in high school binge watching the first season and managing to catch up on it every year since then, it felt fitting to end it together, disappointment and all.

My weekends in May were filled with soccer games (I now play on the wing which is giving me a full 90 minutes of running), pizza and movie nights with Katy (a cheat day tradition I hope will continue), a single, blurry house party,and what has become my favourite event at the Mal: Pinot and Picasso. A budget version of Cork and Canvas engineered by Lyn saw our back yard filled with tipsy amateur painters and our living room become a gallery to some of the most terrifying portraits I’ve ever seen. Long may that tradition continue!

Special mentions go to a greasy winter dinner and catch up at Butter with Lyn and Jules, bouldering with Alice, taking myself on a long weekend hike (video below) and ending the month on a high with a soccer team pub crawl. I’m not sure whether tourists at Vivid thought the 18 girls running around the Rocks dressed as Where’s Wally was part of the installation or not but fireball shots and live music made for a good end to May.

I’m going into June calmer, happy and ready for Trimester 2. Graduation can’t come soon enough!



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