A broke girl with a bucket list



March, what can I say? Firstly, a huge and sincere thankyou for rounding up the first quarter of the year so beautifully. From house parties  to nights spent in front of the TV and everything in between, I’m leaving March behind feeling lucky to be so surrounded by such incredible and supportive friends. Truly, I’m spoilt for choice!

March was a month of celebrations. Mik’s birthday drinks, Will’s first ever event in his new job at Sweaty Betty (aka Lyn and I trying very hard not to embarrass him in front of a room packed full of influencers), and housewarmings I may or may not have been invited to. We rounded up the month with the biggest celebration of them all: shipping out to Adelaide for a weekend to celebrate Will’s 21st. There’s nothing like an open bar and an opportunity to drink for thirteen hours straight to round up an already awesome month (even if you do end up the night covered in at least two people’s vomit. Sucks to be Will I guess).

In between celebrating (and studying of course), I was seeing mates left right at centre. To name a few: dinner with my sister, climbing with Yvette, coffee and exchange stories with Nina, Melonhead with Maddie and beach bonfire runs with the best group of old mates. I had my parents round for lunch (recipe here) and Jess and I began seriously preparing for the new season of Game of Thrones by re-watching the last season over dinner and rosé every week or so.

Finally, March was the month of sport. Nik and I had already made weekend climbs at the indoor gym in St Peters a pretty regular thing, but by the end of the month he’d convinced me to sign up for Calisthenics. Disclaimer: it sounds intense but when you have literally no upper body strength it’s probably a good investment of my time. Kate and I also began our pre-season training for soccer, something we’d promised one another that we would sign up for this year. Being completely obsessed with not only the sport but our old team, we made the decision to play for the team we grew up with – a two hour commute to the Northern Suburbs of Sydney. This might seem like a big commitment but for Kate and I there was no choice. We love it! In between, I began heading to the Ledge with the UNSW Outdoors Club to climb on Thursdays (its free with membership) and ended the month by doing a day at a crag in the south of Sydney with the Club as well. Even though I failed dismally at a couple of climbs it was such a great day.

So March, I’m signing off with thanks. Thank you for rainy days that felt like we’d switched from summer to winter in a month. Thank you for old friends and new friends. Thank you for bruises and scrapes, aching muscles and long, tired bus rides home. Thank you for family – my own that I don’t see enough and the one of my choosing that I am lucky to live with. Thank you for CLIF bars and Pad Thai and vegan Magnums and good rosé.

In the words of Will: See ya!