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København in Photos

København in Photos

Photo Diary 03.02.2018 – 05.02.2018

Scandinavia has been a dream of mine for about 5 years now, and I’d always sort of given it up as somewhere I would have to travel when I had more time and a LOT more money. Booking a spontaneous weekend trip to Copenhagen was the last thing I thought I would do this year, but as it turns out, Denmark is going to be a hard trip to beat. Though food in restaurants was somewhat expensive, it cost nothing to spend the weekend wandering in the snow covered botanical gardens, taking photos of the bright houses at Nyhavn and battling the wind on the pier to see the city’s famous statue of the little mermaid. Granted, we felt it was necessary to splash out on a traditional meal of herring and smørrebrød, but with a cheap hostel and Aldi right round the corner, Copenhagen turned out to be pretty budget friendly.

Shoutout to Scandinavian people for basically being superhumans, the weather for giving us the most beautiful snow day imaginable, and most importantly Steph and Claire for being the best spontaneous travel buddies imaginable. Thanks for putting up with my snack addiction, snow fascination and anxious metro pukes.

If you want more details on our trip (and my week in general) I’m aspiring to do one post a week – and here’s the one from this week!