A broke girl with a bucket list



Here we are again, trying frantically to recap a month that has flown by so quickly I’m struggling to remember how exactly I passed all that time! Weather-wise, June was pretty bleak. Winter finally caught up with us and we suffered through a couple of weeks of pouring rain and cold toes. Once again my nannying family proved their weight in gold by letting me skip standing in the wind to watch early evening soccer games in favour of bringing both kids home to the warm house. I spent most afternoons of the week huddled up in front of the heater or watching my six year old drag a chair into the kitchen to make hot milo – a process that always seemed to spread more milo across the bench, floor and microwave than what actually ended up in his mug. To be honest, I’d pick supervising that over watching Masterchef any day of the week.

Tempted by the offer of snacks and moral high ground, I also got into the habit of donating plasma every two weeks. The break between tattoos, piercings and travel overseas has finally aligned for long enough that I am finally able to head to the Donor Centre. A reminder: if you’ve been meaning to go, sign up now! It costs nothing but time and if you’re not in it for bettering the world then think of the free cookies.

June brought changes in life plans, re-evaluated budgets and a host of tipsy evenings that make me smile (and cringe) upon reflection. We kicked off the month with a fire pit and mulled wine night to celebrate Nick’s birthday at home. From a trivia night with my siblings to dinner over a bottle of wine with mum to a last minute games day with Dad and Liz, June was defined by the amount of time that I got to spend with family. It’s definitely a welcome change from being on the other side of the world for a year.

Between chasing children around, getting a needle stuck in my arm on a pretty regular basis and attending class for the first month of Trimester 2, I still managed to pack my weeks with things (and people) that I adore. Nik and I have continued climbing which brings me so much joy (even when I turn up hungover and put in 40% effort). June also brought several pizza and movie nights with Katy, dinner and drunk evenings with Jess and delirious evenings in front of the TV with Will and Lyn. I bouldered and binged the Office with Alice, baked pumpkin and feta tarts with Han and made Toby do the Coogee to Bondi walk in torrential rain on his layover in Sydney (I’m definitely not sorry).

There’s never been any doubt in my mind that I am blessed with incredible friends, but this year has doubled down on my appreciation for them. Being able to live in the same city as most of my closest and oldest friends makes me truly thankful for beautiful nights like Mel’s homecoming dinner or a last-minute Christmas in June celebration with my high school mates. Whether it’s making fun of Mikey’s picked cucumbers, dancing in someone’s living room with just nine other people until 2am or decorating a truly terrifying Christmas cake in the middle of June, I am so very grateful for every minute I get to spend with these beautiful people.

Right that’s it, I’m out. We’re nine days into July already and assessments are looming, so I should probably be paying attention to the lecture I’m sitting in right now. Until next month!


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