A broke girl with a bucket list



Dear July, somehow you’re already over and I feel like I barely said hello. Last month was filled with uni assignments (that I ignored), old friends (that I stopped ignoring) and a ridiculous amount of sport. From the soccer pitch to weekly climbing sessions, I wasn’t going to let winter slow me down. Turns out when you’ve got plans every weekend and its the last four weeks of uni, going all out tends to lead to a pretty spectacular burnout. I’ve definitely been paying for how hectic July was with its final week, during which even the most menial tasks seemed to be a mental struggle.

That being said, I’d do it all again in a heartbeat. I kicked July off with an evening at the Archibald and over a tipsy dinner at Bodhi to celebrate Sarah being back in Sydney (even if only for her term break) with Jess and Nik. I binge watched the Office with Alice, got too drunk at another Christmas in July with college friends, and neglected my mild lactose intolerance over milkshakes at the Lindt Cafe with Katy. I donated even more plasma, lost four games of soccer in a row and completed a first aid qualification. I skyped my dad, drank with my mum and had too many wholesome nights in front of the TV with my beautiful housemates.

To culminate a month that has been about reconnecting with people I adore, ten of my friends from gap split the cost of an Airbnb in Nelson’s Bay for a weekend to make the most of Joey flying over from NZ. To say I was nervous to go would be an understatement. I hadn’t spoken to most of the group in three years, despite them having been my closest mates at the age of 18. I was petrified. However, from the moment I met Joey at the airport, things just fell into place. Sure, we still got too drunk, bickered at every opportunity and, to quote Koda “acted like we had one brain cell between the ten of us”, but that’s exactly what big, dysfunctional families are all about.


Thanks, July, for teaching me that absence makes the heart grow fonder. A month of spending time with stellar people is definitely worth the burnout (apologies in advance to my WAM), and I am left feeling pretty grateful for the friends I have in my life. Even if it means waiting three years!


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