A broke girl with a bucket list



Goodbye weekly, hello monthly! Now that January has come and gone, 2019 is well and truly underway but for me it does feel like the year has only just started. My first month back in Sydney was a hectic one. Running between an intensive three weeks of summer school, keeping on top of a new remote job and setting up our new flat its amazing that I found any time to catch up with mates. Most of January was spent gradually moving my things that were spread around Sydney into the little basement room in South Coogee ready for me when I moved in the next month.

The first few weeks of 2019 were spent with mates that I’ve known since I was in high school. Welcoming in the New Year at Edd’s place was amazing (until I woke up the next morning dehydrated and a little regretful about how much alcohol I’d drunk). A week later, we had packed up a convoy of cars and headed north to Blacksmith’s Beach for a camping trip that Zander and I had been planning while I was still dreaming of summer in France. In theory, this was going to be a chill weekend camping on the beach with a couple of 4wd, catching up after the majority of the group hadn’t seen each other in a while.

In reality, we ignored heatwave warnings until it was too late. While the first night was amazing, the next morning the realities of a 43 degree day set in. Unable to swim in the rough waves, and trapped without shade on the windy beach, we made it to 10am before deciding to give up. It took two, painful hours to pack thirteen people’s things away and shuttle it back to the car park in the two utes we’d managed to drive onto the beach. By the end, we were having to take shifts in and out of the air conditioned cars while packing the campsite up as it was too hot to stay out any longer than five minutes. Successfully packed away, we drove away in defeat.

That being said, somehow the camping trip from hell ended up one of the highlights of January. There’s something about battling through a truly awful situation with your mates that makes you grateful for who you surround yourself with. In retrospect, I spent those two hours laughing deliriously (was it heatstroke? was it good friends? we’ll never know) with the twelve people I was stuck on a beach in a heatwave with. I’m not going to say I wouldn’t change a thing – of course if I had it my way, we would have had the entire weekend to enjoy each others’ company free from the weather.

After we got back from camping, it was straight into locking down our little South Coogee haven to be our home for the year. Despite a pretty bad first impression, Malabar Road cleans up pretty nicely. Now that we’re all moved in (houseplants and all!) I really can’t imagine living anywhere else. One thing that almost three years of flat sharing has taught me is that without great people, the place doesn’t really matter. In this case, I seem to have ended up with two of the best. Will and Lyn made every decision such a breeze, from signing contracts when we were in three different continents to battling gumtree washing machines (thanks Lyn). While the huge garden, light filled bedrooms and newly renovated kitchen are all bonuses, the thing that makes me look forward to living in South Coogee the most are my two college-siblings-turned-flatmates. Here’s to a fab year.

All too soon, January was coming to a close. Summer school had finally wound down (I love Ancient Egypt but four hours a day, four days a week was getting way too intense), and I was already cooking up plans for February. The second-last day of the month was my twenty-second birthday. Before you ask, yes it was as anticlimactic as you’d expect. After brekkie with Will, Lyn and Sam, I spent the rest of the day at Centrelink, finishing off a summer school paper and packing for our trip the next day. Safe to say it wasn’t very memorable (but at least my claim is underway).

So there you have it, January in a nutshell. I’ve definitely missed a fair few things that made last month fantastic but seeing as we’re already 11 days into the next one lets not lose any sleep. For now, here’s to spontaneous beach walks, new climbing partners, overheated yoga, weird almost-triple-dates, Ikea breakfasts and family time. Thanks, Jan.

B x