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Fontainebleau in Photos

Fontainebleau in Photos

Photo Diary 24.10.2018 – 25.10.2018

When Rosie and Toby turned up on my doorstep in Reims, the three of us only had a vague idea about where we were going, but the next day we had packed the car and set off for Fontainebleau. We camped in an 8 man tent with only two sleeping bags between the three of us, and kicked the trip off to an interesting start with a dinner of starch (and pasta), cheap wine and half-melted ice cream. The next day was when the real fun began.

Font is popular for pretty much one reason: its a boulderer’s paradise. With Toby as our guide, Rosie and I followed (or sometimes refused to in my case) him across several routes around l’éléphant.  If I could describe the place in one word, it would be a playground. The maze of giant boulders surrounded by sand played host to narrow passages, caves and any number of bouldering routes. We happily spent an entire day between clambering around the forest and taking breaks in the hammock.

As someone who really only began climbing this year, and with ropes at that, it was definitely a challenge to let go of the irrational fear of falling. It took a lot to trust both the climbing shoes I’d borrowed from Rosie and the thin, square bouldering mat that was supposed to catch me if I slipped. What probably didn’t help was the fact that I was wandering around on a recently sprained ankle, which meant that after about half a day of trying (and watching) routes I designated myself to the role of porter and followed the other two around with the mats and a water bottle.

The best thing about Font (apart from the climbing obviously) was the absolute silence as we followed the routes through the rocks. The colder weather meant that we spent the day enjoying the place relatively to ourselves, and it was so nice to be outside after two weeks trapped indoors doing midterms. My recommendation? If you’re new to climbing or nervous about bouldering (like me!) get yourselves some mates who are willing to take the time to show you the easier routes and give you moral support when you freak out about jumping over a rock that’s less than a metre apart.

Weekly summary and another photo diary are heading your way soon but for now, enjoy my favourite pics of Font!

Bisous xx