A broke girl with a bucket list

Do More.

Do More.

What I learned in the mail room of the Fred Hollows Foundation

Casey Neistat has 7.4 million subscribers on YouTube and DO MORE tattooed across his forearm. It’s featured in his promotional video for Nike, ‘Make It Count’, which currently has over 25 million views. The video is without a doubt inspirational, urging viewers to let go of their inhibitions and make what they have count, and it culminates in him getting the capital letters scrawled across his arm in bold letters.

But for me, it shouldn’t have to be inked into your skin as a reminder.

There’s a bell in the mail room at Fred Hollows. You get to ring it as many times as you like if you open a letter with a  check in it for over $1000. Believe me, that bell  gets everyone excited. It could mean anything from $1000 to almost a quarter of a million in a bequeath. Sometimes we would open the equivalent of around half a million in two hours, and I would be absolutely floored by people’s generosity. Seriously, I can’t even keep my bank account in triple figures sometimes so how am I meant to even comprehend an amount like $300,000 being donated so generously?

But to be honest, by the end of the month it wasn’t the $1000 checks I was smiling at. It seems crazy, but my favourite donation was from someone who had taped a $2 coin to the letter and had written in shaky handwriting “I am a pensioner and this is all I can give at the moment”.

If every person who received a letter from Fred Hollows had taped just $2 to the envelopes they sent back, it would have made a hell of a difference. DO MORE doesn’t mean donating your life savings. It means giving what you happen to have in your pocket instead of seeing it as a huge commitment.

Doing more shouldn’t have to be a tattoo. It can just be one coin.