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Brugge in Photos

Brugge in Photos

Photo Diary 11.03.2018

Going to Bruges feels like travelling back in time. We pulled up in the cold Sunday morning rain, and had the quiet streets to ourselves for at least a couple of hours before the tourists well and truly descended. I don’t blame them. Though probably not the place I would choose to spend an entire weekend in, Bruges made the perfect day trip. What it lacks in activities that were student-budget friendly (I’m sorry but as fun as it sounds you are not going to get me to pay €10 entry to a lamp museum) it more than made up for in beauty.

Just when we felt almost completely defeated by the cold, which no amount of waffles or ham and cheese croissants could chase away, the weather turned. We spent the afternoon soaking in the sun on a canal boat cruise and spying on tourists through the telescope at the lookout of the museum that we definitely should have paid for.

From over-ordering frites and eating waffles for breakfast to window shopping along cobble-stoned streets that housed chain stores in heritage-listed buildings, Bruges was enchanting. The highlight of the day (and the weekend) however was just being able to spend time with Jessie – be that standing in awe of some of the most beautiful buildings I’ve ever seen, or just taking a well deserved three hour nap at the hostel when we got home.

Anyway, here are the photos I liked the most. Enjoy!