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Birmingham in Photos

Birmingham in Photos

Photo Diary 02.11.2018 – 03.11.2018

This UK trip was all about visiting loved ones, so of course I had to go and distract Hannah from her piles of uni work for the weekend. As soon as I’d arrived (late of course – thanks National Express) I was whisked on a tour of her gigantic student house before we spent the rest of the afternoon on a long park walk caching up. That evening, I managed to meet at least 2/3 of her housemates over wine.

Ellie joined us on our second day for brunch and a look around the enormous, overcrowded shopping mall next to New Street station. The insane numbers of people were probably why we ended up rewarding ourselves with cookie dough and ice cream before escaping back home for a cup of tea. My last night in the UK was spent surrounded by mates (Rosie also made the trip over for the night) over a curry, with a naan bread that was so big it needed to be served hanging up to save space on the table. What a time.

My photos of Birmingham are below, but for more info on the whole UK trip check out my weekly!

Bisous xx