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This month (or should I say last – its already well into May!) was in a word wholesome. Having finally established a routine, I wasn’t going to waste time stressing when I could be catching up with mates.

April was beautiful. From the weather, which turned into four weeks of blue skies and gold sunsets, to the people that I actively tried to spend my month with. I balanced uni, a remote job, soccer twice a week and Saturday morning climbing with Nik, which formed the basis of a routine that brought me so much joy and mental wellbeing. This month I got stronger, busier and most importantly (if it was even possible) happier.

We filled our weeknights with dinner parties (from Sam’s house to playing hosts to several different people over the month at the Mal) and too much television. Special mention to the Madeline McCann Netflix series, Game of Thrones, Killing Eve and of course everyone’s favourite Lego Masters for getting us through the mid week blues. My weekends, when I wasn’t climbing or out on the soccer pitch, were spent celebrating Alice’s 22nd with a Taylor Swift themed bash and Mikey’s 21st. Paella, unlimited bubbly and old friends made our 48 hour Port Stephens trip short but sweet, so big thank you to Mikey and his beautiful parents for putting up with us all weekend!

Most notably, we hosted an Easter Sunday potluck with all of the mates that hadn’t gone home to celebrate with family. My anxiety about not having enough easter eggs spawned a truly terrifying amount of chocolate, and the amount of incredible food, cheap booze and beautiful people at the Mal made it a pretty wholesome event. We came away from Easter having learned two things: (a) we love hosting events for our mates at home, and (b) Will and I should never be trusted to shop for cheese platters alone.

With April also bringing the end of Trimester 1 at uni, the last few days were spent frantically finishing coursework or writing out exam notes. I am never as grateful as I am during exam season to be doing an Arts degree, when I have already finished most of my courses off with assignments or in-class tests. The additional two weeks of holidays gave me time to relax and recuperate before the next term. Actually, who am I kidding. I got a nannying job with a wonderful family based in Paddington and I’ve been running around more than ever since uni ended. Turns out I don’t like taking breaks very much.

Apologies for this very late post, but here are some beautiful moments from April to make up for it. I actually quite like the fact that I had to dig through my phone to find photos from last month, as most of my time was spent enjoying the time I had with mates.


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