A broke girl with a bucket list

A Weekend Walk

A Weekend Walk

Alternatively: No Sleep Til Brooklyn

the lowdown

Distance: 31km (give or take)


  • Cowan to Brooklyn
  • Brooklyn to Rocky Ponds Campsite
  • Rocky Ponds to Brooklyn

Time: 2 days, 1 night

At 5.30am on Saturday morning, I set off from King’s Cross station with my brother and three of his mates from work. We hiked through early-morning fog along part of the Great North Walk to Brooklyn, where we stopped at a pub for beer (or cider) and a feed before catching the ferry across to Little Wobby. A few kilometres in the wrong direction later, we powered the rest of the way to the campsite in an attempt to beat sunset. Camp that night was made better by a fire that refused to stay alive, a couple of goonies that we’d packed out and warm, dry socks. We started a lot later than we’d expected the next morning, so decided to head back the way we came to Brooklyn to catch the afternoon train back to Sydney. A few hours of bush-basing later, we hopped onto a water taxi, significantly sweatier and scratched up than when we had set off. There’s something so satisfying about being able to take a long bath and eat Indian takeout in a double bed at the end of a weekend in the bush. For some of the best moments of the hike, check out the video below. Not included are mean waitresses, getting lost several times, bush bashing and 3am kangaroo wake-ups, but you get the idea.


packing list


  • a hawaiian shirt I found for $8 at Vines
  • Nike women’s dri-fit shorts
  • Injinji toe liners
  • Cheap hiking socks from Decathlon
  • Merrell Siren Hex Q2 E-Mesh shoes
  • Ex-officio undies
  • Berlei sports bra
  • Kathmandu Overland 55L Pack


  • Kathmandu ngx raincoat
  • Patagonia nano-puff down jacket
  • Blacks fleece
  • Mountain Warehouse thermals
  • beanie
  • thick socks
  • Mountain Warehouse merino buff

camp setup:

  • LanShan 3F UL Gear trekking pole tent (2P)
  • Team Jaunty UL Carbon Fiber Trekking Poles
  • WellaX Ultralight air sleeping pad
  • Mountain Warehouse Extreme Lightweight Down Sleeping Bag
  • Sea to Summit Expander Liner


  • iPhone 6 (for photos and film)
  • Black Diamond Cosmo Headlamp
  • PowerTraveller Discovery 6000mAh power pack
  • ID, debit card, cash and house keys
  • compass
  • 2x 1L Balance bottles (for water)

toiletries/first aid:

  • toothbrush/toothpaste
  • deodorant
  • sunscreen
  • blistex
  • wet wipes/sanitizer
  • emergency blanket
  • hydralite
  • strapping tape
  • neurofen

This packing list served me pretty well in terms of weight-to-comfort ratio. As a shakedown hike, it soon became pretty clear which parts of my gear I would need to upgrade and which I could get away with. I already have plans to swap out my sleeping mat (too thin), sleeping bag liner (too cold), thermals (too see through) and iPhone 6 for a proper camera (to save battery and storage space). Mostly, though, I’m giving myself a pat on the back for this one. I used pretty much everything I brought except for a few first aid items I would have carried anyway, stayed warm (if not comfortable) overnight and ended up with one of the lighter packs in the group.


breakfast (1)

  • “overnight oats” that I added water to the night before:
    • quick oats
    • chia seeds
    • maca powder
    • ground flax seed
    • cinnamon
    • ginger
    • goji berries

lunch (2)

  • rye wraps
  • salami
  • avocado
  • hummus

dinner (1)

  • back country cuisine (Classic Beef Curry)
  • The Stubborn Ones boxed wine / fancy goon (2L)


  • CLIF bars x3
  • trail mix:
    • superfood nut mix (from Woolies)
    • M&Ms
  • Pic’s peanut butter slug x3

10/10 I bloody love food. If I had erred on the side of caution, I would have packed an extra meal (maybe another dehydrated meal), but as it happens we stopped at the pub in Brooklyn for lunch and a cider on the first day, so I ended up having a meal spare anyway. Moments of genius included packing an entire avocado out and putting PB and trail mix on a wrap as a snack. At the top of my list of things I wouldn’t do again is carry a 2L goon sack at the top of my pack for half the walk. Definitely not worth it.