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A Main Range Adventure

A Main Range Adventure

Main Range track 21.11.20 – 12.10.20

Distance: 24km

Location: Kosciuszko National Park

Time: 2 days

For most Aussies, Kosciuszko is the site of an underwhelming school trip where teachers trek you up the highest mountain in Australia as part of the year six curriculum. Luckily, I somehow escaped this trip in my own schooling (or have blocked it from my memory), so when an opportunity to hike the Main Range track with Ange came up, I felt like I could finally tick Kosciuszko off my bucket list.

We started the hike on Saturday morning, after a three hour drive from Canberra (and a four hour bus from Sydney to Canberra for me the night before). Despite the fact that my water bottle had leaked through most of my bag, and that the lady at the Snowy Mountain Visitors Centre had refused to give us a PLB or a map as one “couldn’t possibly get lost”, we were pretty stoked to finally get going. Though there were a couple of decent hills to tackle, the paths were well paved and occasionally covered in snow, which kept us on our toes.

By that afternoon, we hiked with an almost constant view of the mountain range as the track dropped away to our right, as the two peaks of Kosciuzko and Townsend framed the path ahead. Though we might have overshot the campsite by one extra hill (training for the next morning), we settled in for the night in a valley on the south side of Townsend, which we climbed just in time for golden hour. I don’t think there’s anything more peaceful than sitting on top of a rock scramble, surrounded by almost 360 degrees of hazy blue mountains.

Dinner was a disaster (do not invest in 99c pasta from Aldi and expect it to work on a camping stove), but it definitely didn’t matter as we sat outside the tent to watch the sunset. The next morning we realised we had been lucky with the weather on the first day as we woke up to blustery winds and rain. It was a pretty easy second day, strolling up Kosciuszko and having a celebratory boogie on the summit, before walking back round the rest of the loop to the car.

Big thank you to Ange for keeping me entertained with embarrassing stories, and not judging my pace up the hills. I can’t wait for our next adventure!

See below for a video I made of the trip and some of my favourite photos I took this year.



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