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A Day Trip to Monaco

A Day Trip to Monaco

Photo Diary 04.03.2018

They say it only rains in Monaco 9 days out of the year, so I guess we got lucky. After a couple of stunning days in Nice, the weather decided to turn as we drove round the coast of the French Riviera.

What immediately struck us was the water. Though barely half an hour away from Nice, the sea turned bright turquoise around Monte Carlo. The city itself was equally surreal: a playground for people rich enough to pay €7,50 for a bottle of coke.

Quickly realising that this was not the place we would be able to spend money in, we headed à la plage before taking the car up as high as we could go for a killer view.

Overall, Monaco made a good day trip but after a full week of travelling and more than a couple of late nights, it was a relief to be driving home again. Give me my hostel bed and a cup of tea over a casino any day.