A broke girl with a bucket list

5: Mickey & movie nights

5: Mickey & movie nights

I’m not going to lie, my break has officially kicked in as of two days ago and getting on with anything that I need to do has been pretty difficult. I’ve waited til 11.59pm on Sunday night to start writing this because this week has been a bit all over the place.

On Monday Alice and I got up early and fumbled around the flat in the half dark to get to our blablacar driver at the station. It wasn’t until after an hour of driving and a conversation in broken french about what I hope was the weather that the excitement kicked in – we were going to Disneyland!

Thirty minutes later and we were pulling in to the happiest place on earth. Despite the cold, despite the lines and despite the extortionate cost of fries, Disneyland still managed to create pure magic. From skipping the queues on Snow White, to getting a little too competitive on Buzz Lightyear, we channeled our inner five year olds to the max. Who said turning 21 means you have to act your age? Shoutout to Alice for literally dancing her way around Disneyland. I’m so glad I could share this experience with you (and thanks for letting me look at ALL the merch because I can’t make decisions).

The rest of the week was a combination of cancelled classes and evening marathons of The Good Wife with  €0,89 tortilla chips from Carrefour, so I’ll try not to bore you with every detail. Highlights included getting all dressed up on Tuesday morning and nervously waiting for a Skype interview that I later realised wasn’t scheduled until the following week (embarrassing), going all out for a ‘last supper’ feast with Alice on her last night that included a heavenly combination of vegan nuggets, babaganoush and oreos and another predictably messy night out at #bodegathursdays that ended with kebabs.

As this is looking to be a pretty short blog post (and its already past midnight the day before I have to catch a flight), I’m just going to end on a little list of things that have made me happy this week.

  • Spending time with Alice – from Disneyland to just going grocery shopping
  • When Steph found out that I didn’t have enough time to have lunch before my four hours of classes and she turned up at our 5.30pm seminar with a bomb chicken and goats cheese wrap
  • Having coffee at OMA, the most aesthetically pleasing cafe ever
  • Treating myself to late night sushi (even though it can’t compare to Aus)
  • Having the girls over for a movie night complete with a full table of snacks after everyone left for midsem
  • Lady Bird (the movie) which everyone should watch IMMEDIATELY. I’m struggling to find the words to describe how heart-wrenchingly beautiful and honest this film is.
  • Skyping my mum

French phrase of the week: hier je suis à Strasbourg et il neige – please feel free to correct whatever that was that I managed to butcher when I tried to tell our driver that it had snowed the day before in Strasbourg.