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48: Clubbing or the Great British Bake Off?

48: Clubbing or the Great British Bake Off?

Hint: its definitely the latter.

So here we are. The last weekly. Between a trip to Prague and getting everything ready to head back to Aus, its gone quicker than I would have liked. On Sunday, Hannah and I set off from Southend for Prague. Despite overcoming the fact that I managed to lock myself out of my card and also suffering through maybe the worst dinner on earth (never order a quesadilla in the Czech Republic) Hannah and I found ourselves at our hostel safe and sound. While online reviews were pretty aggressive in the fact that Hostel Miles was deserving of its low rating, we were pleasantly surprised by big rooms, friendly staff and cozy beds. Best of all, it only cost around 5 euro each a night.

Monday was tourist day. Having visited the John Lennon wall the night before, we set out to beat the crowds to the Prague Castle. What we found was one of the best lookouts we’d seen – the city was shrouded in early morning fog. While we avoided paying for entry to some of the buildings on the castle site, we enjoyed wandering around the grounds. That afternoon was spent over an amazing chai at Mansson bakery and before dinner we managed to squeeze in climbing the tower at the Old Town Square. I have to admit, we went to the same place for dinner every night. Not only was Loving Hut cheap, but its veggie burgers were just too good to stay away for long.

The remainder of our time in Prague was spent between good coffee shops, pizza lunches and getting lost in the picturesque side streets.We hiked to Petřín hill, drank ginger hot chocolate at Cocovanka and endured the queue for the disappointing National Museum. I couldn’t have asked for a better final trip of my year away. What’s more, Hannah was the best travel buddy to spend it with. Watching an entire series of the Great British Bake Off before bed every night in a city famous for its nightlife is the best way to describe this friendship. Thank you for being the supportive, generous and beautiful friend that you are to me Han.

By mid-week the trip was over and my 19 hour trip back to Reims had begun. Thankfully, the two buses were relatively uneventful (apart from the five hours I had to sit crammed in next to a man that took up one and a half seats) and I was back in time for a shower and early bedtime. Friday was four hours of cleaning, a trip to the bank and a nail-biting apartment inspection that (hopefully) went pretty well considering we’d spent from 11am that morning scrubbing the walls down. After saying goodbye to Léa, the only thing I had left to do was get my things together to fly out.

Which leaves us here. Saturday night, before I fly home tomorrow. Facing a good few hours wait at Charles de Gaulle (thanks to SNCF timetables) and an even longer flight I think I should probably get some decent sleep as I won’t be seeing a bed for a while. Big shoutout to Erlend for letting me crash at his flat. 10/10 neighbour if I’ve ever seen one.

For more of Prague, check out my photo diary! Also keep an eye out for my 2018 recap and a post on the best food I’ve eaten this year coming soon.

Bisous xx


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