A broke girl with a bucket list

47: Hockey Mum 101

47: Hockey Mum 101

I began this week sitting on a bus nursing a hangover, headed for Peterborough. Despite managing to get completely lost in the two minute walk between the bus stop and Maccas, Rosie eventually found me and soon we were all in the car heading back to Oundle for the third and final time.

I’ll be honest, we didn’t do anything too exciting. An evening spent brushing up on knowledge of Current Affairs and watching the best part of The Holiday before crashing out at 11pm is not going to make anyone’s bucket list any time soon but for me it was ideal.

We managed to work around Rosie’s hectic work schedule and I got to hang out for most of the afternoon with maybe the best behaved dog in the world. Together, Boo and I chilled out watching Rosie coach hockey to a group of overenergetic under-15s which was surprisingly entertaining. My brief trip to Oundle was rounded out by a flat dinner out at a local pub/restaurant and an early (ish) bedtime (with mandatory head scratches of course).

The rest of the week was, as expected, equally relaxed. Apart from a house Christmas Dinner on Wednesday night (thanks to the hard work of Emma!) and a trip to Leeds for the day on Thursday to be trained up for my new job by Jules, Hannah and I spent the days baking even more cinnamon buns, sleeping in and going on long walks.

To Bedwyn, Emma, Joe, Max, Dan, Khinel and Lucy thanks for letting me crash your house Christmas dinner and take over your kitchen for the past week (especially seeing as most of you had finals!)

To Rosie, saying goodbye for the foreseeable future kind of ripped my heart out a little but knowing we’re both working towards such awesome things over the next year makes it a little less awful. (Hopefully) catch you on my side of the world in 2019!

Onwards to my last adventure before it’s time to head back to the Southern Hemisphere! Hannah and I are packed and ready to go so I’ll leave you with some snaps of two friends I made this week and some bits and pieces from my camera roll.

Bisous xx