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46: Am I Actually Australian?

46: Am I Actually Australian?

I began this week with the last of my exams looming and ended it in a completely different country. What a time.

On Monday, I faced my final history exam, before heading home to discover just how little course content I had absorbed in my french Histoire Politique de la France course. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t a lot. In between frantic revision of anything from Dreyfus to De Gaulle, I was deep cleaning my flat and making preparations for my trip to the UK. My plan was to walk straight from my final exam on Thursday onto a bus bound for London without looking back.

This meant I had approximately three days left between moving furniture and exam revision to say goodbye to Alice and Grace, which I did so over drinks at Hemmingways and a much needed catch up at their residence. I’m still in complete denial about not being able to catch up on Grace’s latest travel  stories or moan about french 8ams with Alice but I’m sure we’ll see each other soon!

By Thursday I had completely run out of food, packed a bunch of bananas as bus snacks and walked out of my final exam (which went down like a plane crash if you wanted to know) excited to see Hannah. Albeit, it would be 17 hours of travelling before that happened but I was optimistic that a week of little and often anxious sleep meant my bus napping skills would suffice.

Despite a tram crash and some of the worst protests of the entire year happening in Paris (google gilets jaunes) the trip was relatively breezy and I soon found myself home safe in Hannah’s shared house in Birmingham. I’ll be honest, we haven’t got up to anything very exciting – apart from a massive batch of cinnamon buns and a couple of long walks, we’ve been pretty content to curl up in front of terrible Christmas movies most evenings!

On Saturday Hannah’s house threw a Christmas-themed party, at which I was questioned at length by several of their mates about whether I was actually Australian. Fun fact, accent and upbringing aside, I was actually born right here in Birmingham – definitely not something most people are expecting me to say! I’ll spare you a night of glitter and drunk chats and just say the party went pretty well.

There’s not many times when a hangover is ideal, but if you’re on a three hour bus to Peterborough it’s not too bad. I spent Sunday with my new favourite pal, National Express, on my way to see Rosie. We spent the night revising Current Affairs (long story) and eating Maccas (I’m doing well mum!) before my hangover and her long day got the best of us.

That’s where I’ll leave you: done with a year of exchange at Sciences Po and with some adventures planned before I head home in two weeks! I’m signing off with my favourite pics from my tour of the University of Birmingham (and some cinnamon buns of course!)

Bisous xx