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39: Don’t Wear Shorts in October

39: Don’t Wear Shorts in October

Monday found me between two 12-page papers, faced with the relief at having finished writing one and the dread at having to rally for yet another week spent in the library. I dealt with the stress by spending three hours on Monday night making enough turmeric carrot soup to feed a small family for a week and escaping to the Cathedral for some fresh air.

The fact that my french classes got cancelled for the next two weeks provided a much needed break from two 8am classes a week, and by Friday both papers were researched, written, referenced and printed. I resigned to the fact that I would not look at them until after the weekend and actually give myself a break for once.

Though I spent Saturday indoors most of the day, tidying the flat in preparation for an inspection (that’s right! we’re both moving out in just under nine weeks!) I promised myself that I’d spend Sunday outdoors. One impulse decision and a last minute halloween costume later, I was at an exchanger house party as Rosie the riveter.

Maybe it was the €1,50 champagne/orange juice mix, or maybe the fact that I’d tempted fate by wearing shorts in October but on my way home I managed to trip and sprain my ankle. The next morning, I had a good cry over Skype to my parents about how frustratingly immobile I was, but after a (very slow) trip to carrefour and a three hour nap I realised it probably came on a good day, seeing as I was too hungover to want to move anywhere too fast anyway.

I guess that essentially sums my week up – not very exciting (save another fun medical problem) and full of stress over midterms. I promise that’s the last of these posts for a while though as next week I’m finally on my term break! Anyway, here are some photos of my walk to and from uni this week – now I’m hobbling off to enjoy my freedom.

Bisous xx