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38: I Live at the Library Now

38: I Live at the Library Now

Honestly, why do I even bother shelling out €360-odd a month when I basically do everything but sleep in the school library now? In the past week, I’ve finally discovered my life’s purpose: I’m that girl at the back of the library, chained to a desk. It’ll be a miracle if I can make a dent in this pile of work before I’m forty.

Just kidding. In reality, it’s not been too bad. I’ve spent my week slowly chipping away at my readings for ten-page-paper-number-one and getting familiar with google translate, my secret weapon for a 1500 word paper in french. By Friday, terrible french paper was written, referenced and out of the way. I pity the person that has to make their way through what I am sure are numerous grammatical errors just to read about my political opinions of France from 1900-1945. But its done.

The three and a half day weekend I’d given myself at the start of semester (for travel time) became a fun little weekend getaway to the library. Is it really midterms if you aren’t at the library at 8am every day to get an individual desk? Just when I thought I was getting the hang of things, disaster struck. On Saturday, facing a to-do list that took up the entire A4 page, my wisdom tooth decided that now would be the perfect opportunity to rip through the remainder of my gum.

What a day. Dosed up on as much paracetamol as the chemist would let me buy, I decided that no extra tooth or stress breakout was going to stop me getting sh*t done this weekend. (Also I really, really had to get sh*t done this weekend on account of ten-page-essay-number-two that I still have yet to begin).

On Sunday, just like everything else in France, my brain decided to shut down too. On one hand, it made for a very long Monday of getting two days worth of work done in one but on the other my flat is very clean now thanks to all that procrastination.

Wow. I just read this back and it sounds very intense, so to balance it out here’s a list of things that have made me happy this week.

  • Having a d&m over Skype with my sister
  • Saturday night movie night with Grace, ft. pizza, ice cream and ‘Brookies’ (packet mix brownie cookies stamped with the most obnoxious US flag design ever)
  • The movie we watched: I Am Not an Easy Man. 10/10 recommend to ANYONE looking for a great thought-provoking comedy. It’s in French but subtitles/dubbing exist on Netflix.
  • Calling my parents over morning cups of tea for medical advice and a catch up
  • Planning an NZ trip with my dad and younger sister for February 2019
  • Switching my bed round in my room so I can see out of the window at night/when I wake up. It makes me feel like I spend actual time outside.
  • Letters from (and writing them to) Hannah
  • Binge watching Wolf Hall when I’m not at the library because it technically counts as ‘research’ if ten-page-paper-number-two is on Henry VIII

Alright thats it for this very short and very late post – I’m needed in the library (surprise) to get cracking on ten-page-paper-number-two but this week’s photos are all the window’s I’ve been looking out of while I’ve been trapped indoors. Wish me luck.

Bisous xx