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36: Champagne Highways

36: Champagne Highways

The most difficult thing about running a weekly blog is having a mundane week. How do you summarise a week of classes and chores in an exciting way? I guess let’s begin with what’s changed from last Sunday. I am not (unfortunately) in Munich anymore but rather back in my flat in Reims, not tipsy or hungover but drinking lemon and ginger tea to try and battle the beginning of a cold I’ve been ignoring and definitely not wearing anything less than three layers as autumn has well and truly set in. What a life.

I’ve submitted one assignment and got three more coming up, paid my rent for October (bye money) and gone grocery shopping. I’ve managed to balance binge watching the White Queen with working on readings on EU Public Diplomacy (I’ll give you one guess at which one is more interesting), eaten too many veggie burgers and washed my white (now grey) shoes from Oktoberfest which took approximately three days to dry in my cold apartment. Most exciting of all, I got to spend the weekend with Lyn, who’s been travelling Europe for almost two months straight and made me insanely jealous with tales of a month’s worth of Italian food.

We spent the weekend gorging on pastries (my attempt to bring Lyn around to the merits of French food over Italian), laughing over cheap wine, binge-watching good movies and catching up after nine months apart. On Sunday, we accidentally ended up on a five hour hike that left us walking back home from Rilly-la-Montagne along the highway for three hours between miles of champagne vines as far as we could see. Despite being three hours more than what we’d planned, it was so nice to spend a good chunk of the day outside in fresh air. Safe to say we earned the entire pistachio-chocolate brioche we shamelessly ate as soon as we got home.

This weekend was the first time since February I’d seen a friend from home, and it was honestly so nice to relax back into a friendship that has been such a source of support for me for almost three years now. Getting to show Lyn around made me appreciate Reims all the more for the short time I have left here, even if it is lacking severely in Pad Thai supplies. Shoutout to Lyn for buying me lunch, crying at Love Simon and most importantly visualising our beautiful house by the beach next year. I can’t wait.

This post is pitifully short, but with two ten-page essays to tackle and a presentation on African cinema looming (as well as exciting travel plans this weekend to get ready for) I think I’m going to leave it there. Here’s some pictures from our adventures in the champagne region to tide you over til next week!

Bisous xx