A broke girl with a bucket list

32: Beginning Again

32: Beginning Again

I’ve always thought there’s merit in doing things that make me uncomfortable. Having to meet a new group of people and make friends three times in a year definitely wasn’t ever going to be at the top of my bucket list, but I know deep down that overcoming that challenge makes me so much stronger. So here it goes: round 3/3.

Before that, lets backtrack to the beginning of the week. I was still in the UK, scoping out the town of Totnes (where I will retire as an old, crazy cat lady) with Rosie and her wonderful parents. From op shops to zero waste cafes, Totnes is everything I loved about Melbourne without the try hards. It’s managed to escape the danger of having a reputation for being alternative, remaining authentically weird and wonderful. It’s definitely straight onto my ‘revisiting’ list.

On Tuesday, it was moving day. Rosie and I packed the car and waved goodbye before setting off on the five hour trip across the UK to her new job at Oundle. (If you haven’t already, check out my photo diary!) The next day and a half were spent catching Rosie between her initiation bits and bobs and going on long walks around the town and surrounding fields. All too soon, it was Thursday morning and I was saying a sleepy goodbye as I boarded the train to the airport at Peterborough.

Quick aside: get you a mate who is ok with you booking spontaneous flights to not only crash her family home but also the first two days of her new job. Shoutout to Rosie for driving me everywhere, introducing me to what seemed like the entire population of Devon and most importantly, always being up for getting beaten at cards. See you in October!

Ok back to the week. Thursday proved way longer than I expected: thanks to Brexit I now had to go through French customs which added an hour to my travel time, so by the time I’d finally got back to my flat it was 11 hours spent on 4 trains, one tram, a plane and a car ride. Not something I want to do again in a hurry. Nevertheless, I showered, changed and headed out the door to resurrect the #bodegathursdays tradition.

Then followed approximately three days of solid life admin. I tidied my flat (which is now dirty again), battled the local laundromat (where I had a conversation in french with an old man – neither of us understood the other), and made plans to skype my parents (something I haven’t done in too long). I wrote at least four to-do lists, paid my rent and began planning my travel for this semester – before I realised I would have to wait two weeks for my pay from summer to come through to actually book anything!

And, of course, I socialised. On Friday, Alice, Grace, Zara and I went to the cat cafe, which I am now convinced should be a form of therapy. The next day, we booked spontaneous seats to the Reims v Montpeiller soccer match, and after pres consisting of a vintage bottle of Pommery champagne, spent the match judging the Reims players. Huge thank you to Alice for providing said champagne, even if I only had wine glasses to drink it out of! We finished off the week with a picnic at the Parc du Champagne, avoiding the crowds for the festiv’été and finding a secluded corner of the park to discuss the merits of To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before.

Which brings us up to date! I’m sitting in my flat, surrounded by french revision notes on the subjonctif and plum pits, currently putting off taking the garbage out. Classes at Sciences Po start back tomorrow, and to be quite honest I’m looking forward to having something other than life admin to do!

Bisous xx