A broke girl with a bucket list

3: studying & snow

3: studying & snow

It was always going to be difficult to top last week, while catching up on all the school work that had piled up while I was celebrating 21sts and travelling. The snow followed us home from Copenhagen, providing a beautiful (yet freezing) five hour wait at Paris Gare de l’Est on our way back to Reims. Monday night was catch up night: three courses worth of readings, one dissertation and a book report that I probably should have done the week before made for a long night of study.

The first half of my week was spent between my warm flat and class, putting off spending too much time outdoors to avoid the steady buildup of snow. Somehow Canadians don’t find it nearly as magical? By day 3 I could understand: snow might look beautiful but when you just want to get your groceries it can be a bit of a pain. Between passing the time between class ‘studying’ at the caf, cold panini excursions and a couple of nights out (with massive hangovers included), not much uni work actually got done. Instead, exchange fam has been busy planning a trip next weekend and sorting out where we’re all going for the mid sem break. Travel is always priority.

On Thursday, sitting in the société français class I very nearly slept through, I realised that I could not understand a single word that the teacher said. Hastily messaging my roommate, we decided that I would give speaking french a go to her this week – but between homework and hangovers the one small conversation we managed to have didn’t exactly give me a lot of hope for my french speaking skills. Sciences Po is a great university don’t get me wrong, but the fact that exchange students usually end up in most of the same classes (and friendship groups) together means there is rarely opportunity to speak or practice french outside of class unless you strike up a conversation with the cashier at carrefour.

By the weekend we realised we had done a pretty good job of avoiding the homework that had been set for Orientation Week (and that was due on Sunday night). Nicole and I made plans to avoid procrastination by going to study at a cafe in the city centre. Turns out a cat cafe isn’t exactly the best place to sit down and work at, and after a pot of tea each and having fallen in love with every cat there, neither of us were any further with our work than before. Even so, promises to stay in and study on Saturday night were pretty quickly abandoned in favour of le clos, a beautiful outdoor-indoor wine bar on the other side of the city. Somehow going out for just one drink turned into another 2am bedtime.

So at the end of the week this is where we are: most of the snow has melted but the rooftops and back streets still look pretty icy, I’m getting sick (again) probably because of a combination of hangovers and a pretty bad diet, and having spent three hours at the only place open in the city (Maccas) to finally finish that assignment. At least its submitted on time.

French word of the week: adopter temporairement – to temporarily adopt (as in to temporarily adopt a rescue cat)