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27: Water of Life

27: Water of Life

Some days you can stand on the side of the road for a couple of hours as cars drive past you, and on others you can hitch what would be a 45 minute drive in just over an hour. Thanks to a chain smoker, a pregnant mother, a French guy called Dmitri and possibly the nicest old lady I’ve met, Katie and I managed to make it to Evian on Monday by 11am. Most of the morning was spent wandering around the town, splurging on boulangerie goods and making the most of the Source Cachet of pure Evian water. Supposedly one of the most regenerative waters in the world, Evian has been made famous by the brand that shares its name, and even at 11.30am on a Monday morning, the town was beginning to fill with tourists.

Full of quiche and tarte framboise, Katie and I hitched a lift back to Saint-Gingoloph, where we’d seen signs for a beach. We spent the afternoon napping on a pontoon in the middle of Lake Geneva and getting some seriously impressive tan lines (yep mum, turns out I can tan after all!). By the time we’d caught a couple of lifts back up the mountain, it was time for dinner and an early bedtime.

The next two days were spent in my favourite place at Camp – Lake Tanay. The fact that the hike takes 6 hours (with the kids), cars are forbidden and the last hour of the hike is a gruelling dirt road makes the place even better for me. You feel like you’ve earned the swim in the glacier lake and the three helpings of pasta at dinner. That night was filled with games in the long grass, bottles of wine (sans kids) and a late night swim that meant we ended up in bed far too late and very cold.

After a final, very chilled day at the Aqua Parc it was time for two full days at Geneva Airport. Apart from the fact that what seemed like half the staff left on Friday, I think what spurred a little bit of homesickness was two and a half hours stood in the Arrivals hall at Geneva watching everyone greeting loved ones as they came off their flights. Cue montage à la ‘Love Actually’, except with me standing in the middle holding a huge sign for Camp Suisse. Only 148 days to go!

I’ll leave Sunday for next week, as I’m now in charge of another age group for the next two weeks and that means I have to leave now to make sure all of my 6-9 year olds are ready to go camping. Being in the younger age groups is definitely more tiring but on the positive side it means that most of the day you’ve got anywhere from one to three cute children hanging off you. Also we get to eat first in the dining hall which is always a bonus.

Anyway here’s some pictures of Evian and Saint Gingoloph on a sunny Monday in the middle of July. Until next week! Bisous xx