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26: 11 Year Olds on a Sugar Rush

26: 11 Year Olds on a Sugar Rush

Lesson learned, younger kids are officially 3000 times more stressful than 16 year olds. This week I’ve chased around fifty 6-11 year olds around anywhere from the glacier to Bouveret beach, and let me tell you when they are allowed to buy as much candy as they want, they never run out of energy.

On Monday, I learned that banana boating is not and never will be something I’m very good at. Aleks (our photographer) and Elsa had a good laugh at me from the speed boat as I struggled the most to stay on the banana out of a group of children. I have yet to see the very flattering photos of me trying and failing three times to get back up onto the banana once the driver had flipped us into the Lake. At least the weather was nice.

My day off this week was spent making the most of the weather by going on a seven hour hike. We made it over the French border by lunchtime and treated ourselves to a burger in Châtel before taking a ridge walk back home. The view was definitely worth the 19 or so km that we trekked and the pain in my legs that stuck around for the next two days.

Lesson number three was one of patience as I mediated spats between the kids over anything from shelter building to who threw a snowball in who’s eye on the glacier. The most impressive tantrum came about as a result of one boy not wanting to go on the alpine rollercoaster with a girl as a partner. He cried so loudly that tourists were stopping to ask if he was ok.

The highlight of my week was my team for the Olympics. As Jamaica, my kids adopted a lucky egg (shoutout to Cool Runnings) from the egg drop, named him Jacob and painted him with facepaint. Jacob now sits with the team at every meal and is carried around by one of the boys in a box handmade for him. I’m dreading having to tell the kids that they won’t be able to take Jacob as carry on when they fly on as he technically doesn’t count as a passenger.

I’m off camping tomorrow with a different age group as all of my little ones have left early, so its off to bed with me in the hopes that a good sleep might help me keep up with sugar-fuelled 16 year olds on a six hour hike.

Bisous xx