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25: A Week of Jazz

25: A Week of Jazz

Despite never having heard of the Montreax Jazz Festival before approximately two weeks ago, I’ve ended up passing the majority of my week there. On Monday it was for work, and we took the kids down and set them free among the food stalls and the (less interesting for them) live music sets for a few hours. As a result, my day was spent sitting with a bowl of ramen and doing some serious people watching by the lake. Tuesday was my day off and it was straight back down the mountain for a day spent swimming, exploring and finally getting matching t-shirts printed to go and see First Aid Kit perform. Having spent the better part of three years listening to their music, it was insane to see them live and I left to hitch back up the mountain at 11pm feeling confident that it was the best concert I’d ever been to.

By midweek Session One was coming to a close, and between banana boating, treasure hunts, garden parties and one final Prom on the last night, I barely had time to say goodbye to my kids before they were off on Departures Day. Typically, I managed to lead two spanish-speaking kids through the airport in the wrong direction for a solid hour and a half before we finally located the Unaccompanied Minors section (thanks Geneva).

The next day was another Arrivals Day, which I spent doing a Hike & Bike with the kids staying for more than one session. Walking twelve kids up a mountain in the middle of summer isn’t necessarily the first thing I’d jump to doing, but apart from one wet shoe after an encounter with the river, it went pretty well. That evening, I got my second group, this time five kids aged 10-11. After two breezy weeks spent with possibly the best group of 16 year olds in the world, its definitely a lot more work.

I spent the last day of the week adjusting to the fact that working with the younger ones takes about three extra hours. Walking them to and from archery consisted of hunting for wild strawberries and wood sorrel, and meal times are peppered with questions about when they can leave the table to go and play ping pong but I’m still loving it. On Sunday evening I was put in charge of painting faces for the world cup final that we screened for 3/4 of the camp. Turns out this might have been a mistake as even after living in France for 6 months of this year, I still can’t paint the flag the right way round (sorry Elsa).

Anyway I’m off banana boating again right about now so I’ll sign off!

Bisous x