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19: Children and the Chocolate Factory

19: Children and the Chocolate Factory

Its Friday night, the first group of kids have left and I’m writing this instead of taking a nap which I’m probably going to regret later.

I still can’t quite figure out how I’ve managed to swing a job that pays me to go to chocolate factories but at 6:15 on Monday morning that’s where Rosie and I were headed. Somehow the chocolate just isn’t as dreamy when you’re trying to herd 40 or so children past shelves of free tasters but I’m not complaining.

Tuesday and Wednesday were spent bouncing between  indoor climbing sessions, sport, mountain biking and evening activities which involved anything from campfires to five a side soccer in the sports hall.

By Thursday, I was leading a little group around the forest for the day, teaching them survival skills I’d only learnt last week and trying to look like I knew what I was doing. (Hitting myself in the face with a log during shelter building definitely detracted from that part).

On Friday it was back to the chocolate factory, this time a little worse for wear  on account of disco night followed by staff drinks after the kids went to bed. As tired as any of us might have been, on Saturday morning we’d packed our things into Toby’s tiny car and set off for Chamonix.

Turns out making the most of a weekend off isn’t too difficult when you’re in the climbing capital of the world, and we spent both days on the crag at Vallorcine. Between camping, hammock naps, Poco Loco burgers and completing my first ever lead climb, this weekend was a success.

Considering I haven’t had the chance to even Skype home over the last couple of weeks I’m going to sign off here for the week with some of my fav pics collected betweenness Torgon and Chamonix.

Bisous xx