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18: How to Fix a Mountain Bike

18: How to Fix a Mountain Bike

And Other Necessary Skills One Needs at a Camp.

When I signed up for a job at Camp Suisse two odd months ago I really only considered it a great way to fill the summer between my exchange semesters. What I didn’t expect was to end up living in one of the most beautiful places I’ve ever seen in my life and getting paid for a job that doesn’t feel like work. 

I got picked up with my massive bag from Lausanne and it was straight into introductions on the bus while I gaped at the magical scenery on the way up the mountain. Soon enough we were in Torgon and after a long shower, a few ice breaker games and some pizza it was straight to bed.

The next few days were a blur of unpacking, lifting, sorting, listing and fixing most of the Camp Suisse stuff ready for the first batch of kids next week. Even when I was struggling to carry what felt like my weight in bath mats down from the Eaves, or going slightly crazy sorting out merch, a glance out the window made everything worth the stress.

What was even better was being surrounded by a group of the loveliest, most down to earth people as well. I don’t think I’ve ever been in a group of people quite so like-minded and eager to get things done, and from Moana movie nights to bière avec pêche (or in my case wine) at either of the two local pubs, the group made light work of what would had been a long and tiring week.

By Thursday we had begun our Activity Leader training and I’d broken in my hiking boots. We spent the day learning to teach anything from water purification to shelter building, and despite all but one of us failing to light a fire after being taught twice, we returned for dinner completely exhausted.

All too soon it was our day off, and Saturday began promisingly with sun and a lift from Rosie to the bottom of the mountain. Turns out when the bus is 20CHF hitchhiking is your best bet. Two cars, some intense French gospel music and a lovely conversation in French later, we’d made it round the lake to Montreaux, where we set off in search of a beach. Our day was spent swimming in Lake Geneva next to Château du Chillon with a view of the mountains. Though it was utterly freezing (at least for an Aussie) and there was a serious lack of sand, the view meant that this beach competed pretty heavily with some back home.

From an entire day testing mountain bikes to a day spend rearranging arts and crafts supplies, this week has been full on. However even though it’s not been without its challenges, waking up to a view of the Swiss Alps every morning and getting to spend my summer outside with kids teaching anything from mountain biking to rock climbing or archery to banana boating makes me feel incredibly blessed. So far, Camp Suisse has been a winner.

Until next week! bisous xxx