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15: goodbyes & grog

15: goodbyes & grog

From thrift shopping to pizza with our prof, this week was nowhere near as stressful as I thought it would be.

Though the beginning of the week was taken up by a final essay that I managed to procrastinate four days on, as time went on this week only got better. Despite an intense French final exam looming at the end of the week, and a 2500 word group essay (in french!) due even sooner our focus was definitely on enjoying our last week together.

Turns out you can procrastinate pretty well for a group project, as Claire and I spent most of Wednesday messing around on PhotoBooth (I mean doing our essay) before heading to the thrift shop with Yijing. 20 minutes outside of town by bus, and down a few residential streets, we were pretty apprehensive about what we would find, but Reims’ second-hand goods absolutely delivered. We found ourselves in op-shop heaven: a huge warehouse filled with anything from a row of washing machines to vintage wedding dresses.

I wore the €3 coat I managed to score that night to the Champagne Park, where we had a last group get together in the sun. Thanks to Alessandro for being our sommelier and managing to pair three beautiful bottles of champagne with my much less fancy addition of M&Ms and corn chips.

The next day, Steph whipped us into shape at OMA over a beetroot smoothie, and we managed to get our french essay submitted (with the help of Google Translate). With time left to study for our gruelling french exam the following morning, Claire and I did what any rational student would: we went out for dinner to celebrate Mehrdad’s birthday. Where there is dinner, there is wine, and where there is wine there is almost certainly Bodega (especially if its a Thursday). Somehow, after promising the group we had to head home early, we ended up staying out past everyone having drinks with Steph and her brother. It definitely didn’t help that an altercation with police at the bar opposite gave us plenty of live entertainment!

Luckily, Steph, Claire and I turned up for our 10am exam tired but relatively hangover free. We faced four hours of testing, and to be quite honest I don’t think my brain has recovered from it yet! Claire, Leah and I escaped early to some well deserved boulangerie treats and spent the rest of the afternoon revelling in the fact that we’d finished a whole semester of classes Sciences Po (yep, I was ignoring my last assignment – what’s new?)

That evening was bittersweet: a final exchange party and the chance to get dressed up, but our last night with Steph. From pre drinks complete with chicken nuggets, to group photoshoots in front of our uni, the night definitely went well. It was a very bittersweet goodbye by the time we finally got to my front door, full of vending machine pizza and a little bit teary. I guess I’d better start planning my trip to Canada now!

The week ended with a bang as we celebrated Mehrdad’s birthday (again) in full force, from cheap champagne, to our favourite wine bar and finally ending up at the Loft. Shoutout to everyone we inducted into our secret corner of the party where we were hoarding all of the snacks!

So that brings us to now: 6pm, a little dusty and facing a 5000 word essay that I have to get finished before I am officially over with this semester and I get to see my mum on Thursday! Watch out Rome…

French word of the week: curcuma – turmeric (what OMA has started putting on their menu!)