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12: devils & devoirs

12: devils & devoirs

So another week of Reims comes to a close and I’m left struggling to find something to write about. Looking back on previous posts, I feel like this one might not live up to the ‘travel blog’ theme, as I didn’t even leave Reims for a day trip. But the more I think about this week the more I realise just how great some time spent around home can be. From our first every house party to a hungover ‘study sessions’ at OMA, Reims has delivered the goods. The weather has finally turned, meaning we get at least an hour of daylight after our gruelling 7.30pm classes and I’m also meeting more people than ever thanks to Campaign Week (even if it is three weeks before the end of semester).

Our top priority this week? Definitely not the two presentations, three assignments or four exams that are so soon, but Léa and I’s house party. Ok, we might have gone a little overboard on the planning, but after a week spent moving furniture, cleaning our kitchen and being very angelic to our neighbours, Thursday finally came around and it was time for Good vs. Evil.

In the end, even if I had to buy devil horns from what was possibly the most terrifying costume shop in France (owned by a man so old he looked like a Disney cartoon), the stress and planning was all worth it. Two beer pong tables, 25 litres of sangria and too much glitter later, Léa and I were pretty proud of ourselves for keeping things together. Huge thank you to everyone who came and made the night so fun – even if you had to leave via the window!

Our preoccupation with the party meant that one of the biggest weeks of the semester completely slipped my mind. Campaign Week was off to a start on Friday – as campaign groups compete for leadership positions next year by going above and beyond. This means anything from free food on campus to breakfast delivered to your door by a campaign team and of course heaps of events. Somehow the Friday hangover wasn’t so bad with a free Nutella crepe.

Though it’s a little short this week I’m ending with some pictures of our party, Reims Cathedral where we spent Sunday morning and of course a much-needed milkshake (framboise) at OMA with Steph where we spent more time recapping our night out than we did working on the assignment I’m meant to be doing now as well. Until next week! Bisous

French phrase of the week: cornes du diable – devil horns (as in what is now permanently suggested on Amazon)