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10: spring & surprises

10: spring & surprises

This week was spent between coffee shops and classes. Though midterms have ended, turns out university continues so I’m in the middle of trying to force myself to finish a couple of assignments for next week. (Hint: its not working too well seeing as I’m writing this post). Claire and I attempted a head start on homework by going to OMA on Monday, which ended (as it typically does) in a long chat over coffee and not a lot of work at all.

Attempts over the next three days to study were difficult, considering I was rushing between classes, birthdays and errands I had been putting off. On Tuesday, we treated ourselves at Le Latin: the first good pizza I’ve managed to find in France that came with the worst cocktail. It’s honestly a little impressive that an extortionate Cuba Libre ended up tasting like a $5 rum and coke on tap from the Rege.

By Thursday, I was on a mission. Having let all of my errands pile up while I spent my weekends travelling and my weekdays studying, I was finally faced with a free afternoon to get everything done. While everyone spent the day enjoying the beautiful weather, I posted my letters, sorted out my insurance documents, went to the bank and paid my rent. It sounds pretty boring but when everything is in French its a lot more exhausting than you’d think. I returned home proud of myself for having understood how to use a franking machine en français and with enough time to grab a little dinner before a great night spent celebrating Katie’s birthday at #bodegathursdays.

One long walk, a short taxi ride and an in-depth conversation about how much Claire wanted pizza on the way home later, the surprise party that Mehrdad had thrown was a success and I was left with some interesting snapchats and a mix of pink fanta and malibu on my jacket. Hot tip: leave it in washing liquid and warm water overnight then let it dry over the heater you can’t seem to turn off in your room. Good as new (albeit slightly stiff).

Léa and I had a pretty good spring clean on Friday morning, which I promptly ruined by hosting casual drinks that night. This made the next morning pretty interesting as we walked to our train at 8am, me believing that I had managed to escape the effects of the night before for approximately thirty minutes before it hit me on the train.

Hangover aside, our day trip was pretty great. We had chosen Châlons-en-Champagne not for its repute as a tourist destination but for the €12 return fare. A combination of beautiful weather and chill travel companions meant it exceeded my expectations. From fresh produce markets to picnics in the park, Châlons was the break we needed after a stressful couple of weeks. Thanks to Claire, Josh and Tyler for being just as willing to spend two hours talking in the sun in the town square as I was. For pictures of the trip, and how the whole day went check out my photo diary.

Easter Sunday was spent having overpriced brunch next to the Cathedral, and the most wholesome family dinner complete with jazz and heads up. I’m still not sure how we managed to pull nachos, fried rice, wings and roast veggies into a cohesive meal but exchange fam came through. It definitely made missing my own family reunion back home a little less difficult.

French phrase of the week: Qui Es-Tu Alaska? – ‘Looking for Alaska’ in French. I can confirm that the first ten pages I was able to read were good. At least I think they were, my French definitely needs improving.